Highlights include:

  • Daily and Period Attendance
  • NJ SMART Submittals
  • Teacher Grade Book
  • Elementary/Secondary Report Cards
  • Progress Reports
  • Course Recommendation
  • Master Schedule Generator
  • Transcripts
  • Student Discipline
  • Standardized Testing
  • User defined Rank/GPA
  • Parent Web Portal
  • Data Base Audit

The kids in your district grow up fast and your student records need to grow with them. From demographics and attendance, to scheduling and grading, to state reporting and report cards, your software must keep up with every student, every day.

The SMARTS Student Records software is designed to do just that and more. Additional features include Master Schedule Builder, Discipline, Standardized Test Scores, Elementary Grade Reporting, ASSA, NJ SMART and a Parent Web Portal. Extensive reporting capabilities make this software the perfect travel companion for students on the trip from kindergarten to high-school senior. SMARTS software is browser-ready, plus the comprehensive database audit software allows you to track who made changes and when those changes occurred.

Student demographics are presented in rich detail, including student photos, mailing labels, ID cards, entrance/withdrawal tracking, lockers, bus routes, extra-curricular activity and user defined report generation. If the wide array of standard fields isn't enough, you can define your own demographic fields to track anything you want with an automatic link to the student ID.

Customized marking period/exam layout, grade history detail, rank/GPA, progress reporting, student transcripts and much more is available. Attendance is covered, with full, half-day and by-period modes supported, a user defined list of attendance types, attendance letters with mail merge, and all the reporting you could want including the New Jersey Attendance Register.

Scheduling has all the features you expect, plus extras such as a conflict matrix, single student scheduler, study hall scheduler and a 1 to 7 day cycle. The Master Schedule Builder starts with the entry of student, teacher and course information. From there, an entire master schedule with class rosters, plus student, teacher and room schedules can be generated. An idle room and teacher report and enrollment reports are a snap. "What if” scenarios may be generated to help you understand your options. There is tremendous flexibility in the scheduler to adapt to changing numbers of periods, length of periods, and the length of quarters and daily cycles. Course requests and grades may be scanned directly into the system to save time. Schedule types include traditional, modular, block, rotating and drop period.

The Gradebook module is fully integrated into SMARTS student software. Grading schemes can be configured by the school or teacher. Highlights include user defined categories, grade fill, grade weight by assignment, automatic grade posting to report cards, links to attendance and email to parents.

The Parent Web Portal allows parents to view and optionally edit student demographic data. Parents can also view their students’ attendance, schedule, class assignments, report card and progress report.

The Student Discipline module allows you to record student infractions and the resulting action or disposition, plus it allows you to record parent/guardian conference dates and results. A number of discipline-related reports and letters are available. The scheduling of detentions and suspensions is also supported by this module, with an interface to the regular student schedule.

Smaller elementary schools have a genuine need for comprehensive software to manage their student records. With the SMARTS Student Records Lite software, that need can be met inexpensively. The Student Records Lite product includes the full student demographics and attendance feature-set found in our regular product. The New Jersey attendance register, ASSA reporting, elementary report cards and other similar critical functions are all included. Plus Discipline, Extended Data Tables and Standardized Testing modules can be added to the Lite product. Now even the smallest school can benefit from the same software the big boys use.

The Student Records software is an extremely flexible and very powerful system of student records management designed from the ground up as a multi-user system with a simple and flexible interface. It is also gateway-ready for, cafeteria management, library management, transportation, IEP and other critical applications. Contact Computer Solutions, Inc. for a demonstration for your district.