Today Computer Solutions, Inc. concentrates on our core competency of building great software for school districts. We believe that information technology is an indispensable part of school district management. Without appropriate technology, your job will turn from difficult to "mission impossible". As your trusted partner, we strive to provide powerful and flexible tools that help you fulfill vital school and business office functions.

Since even the best software can fail without adequate support from your technology partner, we place a major emphasis on support and on training. New customers are introduced to our software with one-on-one training delivered in our own classroom facilities. Existing customers can send new staff members for the same training. Perhaps one of our primary strengths is personalized support for each of our customers. We make it a point to understand the issues that your district faces on a daily basis. Our software is constantly evolving in order to address your changing issues. The point is, we want to form a partnership with you and your district. We want you to trust us with your concerns, your opportunities and your goals. We want to earn your business every day by creating a solution that will bring you to a higher plateau of performance. We have prospered since 1968 by adhering to this standard.